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Bubba The Corn Snake

I meant to add this guy to the blog yesterday but I was sleepy lol. Anyways here’s our new guy that we just picked up from a very generous gentleman who donated Bubba to our collection. I didn’t know what to say but he’s gone to a very good home, we spend a lot of time making sure all of our pets are taken care of. I was gonna put him in a 33 gallon but I got a 18x18x18 exoterra for $20 so I cleaned it out and he’s been pretty happy in there. I fed him twice the night I got him, I couldn’t believe he fed twice in a row but he did. The hide I was gonna use is a little too small so im using a small little box with two holes in it. It was for an exoterra ceramic lamp for our lizard. Anyways went to take him out today and im not sure if it was him rubbing on the box, but I’m pretty sure he hissed at me. Scared me a little because I wasnt expecting it. Other than that he’s a great snake, he sits in his hide with his head poking out the hole so he can see whats going on I guess. Check the photo out, isn’t he great?

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