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Are Corn Snakes Gay?

January 26, 2011 Leave a comment

So I had to make some room for my bearded dragons, and my friend Eddie said he didnt see why I couldnt put two of my corn snakes together. So I decided I would, and immediatley after I put them together they displayed some unusual behavoir. They started to kinda pulsate and then there tails started to lock together after about 5 mins of being together. I filmed the whole thing because I had no idea what I was watching. It was kind of bizzar, i might put a youtube up of it some other time. So im hoping for some corn snake babies soon. At least some eggs so I know theyre not gay snakes haha. We will see I guess. Heres what they looked like maybe someone can tell me for sure.

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Piglet & Chompers The Bearded Dragons

January 26, 2011 Leave a comment

Its been a long time since I last posted something, ive had these two bearded dragon babies for almost 2 months now. Anyways, picked them off of kijiji as usual, had to drive a little out of the way for them but for $70 for the both of them I couldn’t say no. I’m defiantly a deal whore. They lived in a little plastic terrarium for a while but I’ve since moved some corn snakes together and have given them a bigger 10 gallon to live in. They eat a mixture of carrots, crickets and some meal worms. They are kinda like little dogs too. I say that about all my animals but they are. I love how they run around and seem to notice you and wonder as much as you do what they are looking at. Hope they get big soon they are so small.

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