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Caramel The Leopard Gecko

November 18, 2010 Leave a comment

We’ve been so lucky building our reptile collection up, and met a lot of very generous people. We found another person that we also met on kijiji that sold us a leopard gecko and a corn snake (more on the corn snake in my next post). She’s six years old about 10-12 inches long and gorgeous. She came with terrarium and all her needs. We took her home and got her inside as quick as we could, its been around -10 celsius for most of the week. We had to set her cage back up because some of her water spilled all over the cage. After she settled in for about an hour decided to see if she was hungry. I’ve never seen a leopard gecko eat but holy crap she got some chompers on her. I held a cricket in front of her using feeding tongs and I could feel how strong she chompped all the way through my tongs lol. I changed my crickets food to gut load so the crickets are nice and full of vitamins for her. She also seems very active wandering around her cage and moving from hiding spot to hiding spot. She’s probably one of our favorite pets so far.

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Geckie The Giant Bent-Toed Gecko

November 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Heres the newest addition to the collection. From what I have been told theyre relatively new to the scene. There wasnt alot of info when I got him, but I managed to identify him as a cyrtodactylus irianjayaensis. Hes pretty big at around 12″ but seems pretty happy in his new custom 3x3x1.5 foot cage. Hes eating crickets regularly, and also seems to like sitting half way in his water bowl. I hope to pair him up but it doesnt seem like theres alot of breeder or even info on breeders. He was pretty docile when we first got him but now that hes in his new cage he kinda seems to want to be left alone. Even bit me a couple times lol.

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