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Are Corn Snakes Gay?

January 26, 2011 Leave a comment

So I had to make some room for my bearded dragons, and my friend Eddie said he didnt see why I couldnt put two of my corn snakes together. So I decided I would, and immediatley after I put them together they displayed some unusual behavoir. They started to kinda pulsate and then there tails started to lock together after about 5 mins of being together. I filmed the whole thing because I had no idea what I was watching. It was kind of bizzar, i might put a youtube up of it some other time. So im hoping for some corn snake babies soon. At least some eggs so I know theyre not gay snakes haha. We will see I guess. Heres what they looked like maybe someone can tell me for sure.

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Big Mama The Corn Snake

November 29, 2010 3 comments

Been looking to pair up our corn snakes and I found another person on kijiji (if you’ve been reading these, I know your really surprised). I guess they’ve been having trouble finding someone to take care of her, but I was happy to. We’ve affectionately named her Big Mama, cause I think she’s humongous. Like all my females she’s aggressive as hell and even striked a few times. I don’t know why she’s so aggressive but im gonna try feeding her on a more regular basis then what she had been fed before. We had to make room for her by swapping out Saltine’s cage so we could give her something that was a little more comfortable. Running out of cages now and were gonna have to smuggle some more into our apartment haha. Anyways after bringing her home I decided to see if she was hungry, and holy crap was she ever. I’ve never seen a snake go that crazy on a frozen mouse, she acted like it was alive. Shes just a big bowl of angry lol. Hopefully one day I can handle her, but for now im wearing snake handling gloves haha.

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Saltine The Corn Snake

November 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Well we got another corn snake from the same girl we got our leopard gecko. We originally just wanted the corn snake and didn’t think we could afford to buy both but we were able to work something out. I felt like we stole them both we got such a good deal but the owner just wanted them to goto a good home which we were more than happy to provide. Weve already spent a couple of hours moving things around and arranging our reptile room. We need some shelves or rack space now, and are running out of room. We brought Saltine (we redubbed all our animals lol) home and set his cage up below another 18×18 terrarium we have. It looks great! He seems a little scared right now but still lets you handle him. I tried to take a few pictures after I removed his hide, but all I was able to get was one before he tried to hide behind the vines. I also really liked the substrate he came with and think I will probably switch to something more like it. I believe it’s some kind of coconut husk or chips. Anyways check the picture out he’s beautiful.

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Bubba The Corn Snake

November 15, 2010 Leave a comment

I meant to add this guy to the blog yesterday but I was sleepy lol. Anyways here’s our new guy that we just picked up from a very generous gentleman who donated Bubba to our collection. I didn’t know what to say but he’s gone to a very good home, we spend a lot of time making sure all of our pets are taken care of. I was gonna put him in a 33 gallon but I got a 18x18x18 exoterra for $20 so I cleaned it out and he’s been pretty happy in there. I fed him twice the night I got him, I couldn’t believe he fed twice in a row but he did. The hide I was gonna use is a little too small so im using a small little box with two holes in it. It was for an exoterra ceramic lamp for our lizard. Anyways went to take him out today and im not sure if it was him rubbing on the box, but I’m pretty sure he hissed at me. Scared me a little because I wasnt expecting it. Other than that he’s a great snake, he sits in his hide with his head poking out the hole so he can see whats going on I guess. Check the photo out, isn’t he great?

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Godzilla Eats Again

November 13, 2010 Leave a comment

I know alot of these posts are pretty mundane but I like adding to my blog, and im sure my animals appreciate it haha. Anyways had a extra mouse dethawing in my fridge so I decided to feed someone today. Seeing Godzilla is my biggest snake I figured she could use it the most. I accidently dropped it in the sand so I had to wash it off thats why it looks a little wet. I try not to get their food in the sand so they dont get impacted. I ended up putting it in a dish for her then sticking her nose in front of it. She didnt bite it at first but when I used my feeding tongs to wiggle the mouse she took it. Anyways check the pictures out, thats partly why I put these posts up.

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Monty Starts Shedding

November 12, 2010 Leave a comment
Monty begins his shed this month. It started a few days ago when I noticed he started looking a little pale. He really hasn’t moved a lot either, he’s been behind his rock for 2 days now lol. Not a lot of shed has come off yet it seems to be coming off in pieces. I don’t want to bother him to much he seems a little more sensitive than usual. Anyways here’s the picture can’t really say much more than that.
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Charlie the Kenyan Sand Boa

November 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Heres my little bitey male Kenyan sand boa. Got him and his partner off kijiji from an apparent reptile rescue. I felt more like i rescued him after I saw where he came from but we wont get into that. Dont know much about him or his partner, but I believe he is full grown and seems to be in good health. He has had a little shed stuck to his tail for a while but ive been soaking him in his water bowl a little and it seems to be comming off slowly. Hes not as bad as his partner but they are both pretty aggressive it seems. I really dont like sticking my hand in their cage they strike very fast. I use a snake hook to handle them and it seems to work a little better then trying to grab their tails lol. They were sold to me as a breeding pair and I hope to try breeding them in the spring.

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